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Our Mission

We believe that communities are the most powerful way for people to grow.

And games are the strongest community-building force on earth.

Your games, our games, their games…

As long as they create more secret handshakes, more “Are you ready for tonight’s…”, and more people chatting over lunch, then we want to help make them.

Our Values

We are defined by the choices we make, especially the tough calls with unknown outcomes. Our core values are the razor we use to make difficult decisions.

Take Responsibility

...for our own actions, for our team, and for the people our work impacts. For our failures, yes, but also for the duties that come with success.

Raise The Tide, Not One Boat

Improvements for one person, team, or even company miss the multiplicative effects of a better ecosystem. We play to win but collaboration and openness yield better results than competition and secrecy.

Ambitious Goals, Disciplined Execution

We set the bar out of reach, but we’re confident we can get there. We put in the work required to be well-informed, and we take the disciplined path to achieve difficult goals.

Design For People, Own Your Craft

Success is measured by the end-user, and it’s most elegantly achieved by builders who treat their work as a craft. The best products are made when builders and users work closely together.

We Play Together

Multiplayer games of all shapes and sizes are our DNA, and we believe in knowing our audience. Playing games together makes our games better, our teams better, and our workplace better.

What are you waiting for? Grab a controller and come join us!

Meet The Team

  • Dru Erridge

    CEO, Co-founder, Engineering

    Dru comes from Riot Games, where he was Tech Lead of the Player Behavior team working on the distributed systems behind matchmaking, game flow, and disruptive behavior detection for 100 million users in League of Legends. Before that, he directed the 50-person development team behind a hybrid RTS-MOBA built in Unreal called The Maestros. To derail his conversations, bring up classic RTS games, TDD, or the Rust programming language.

  • Sean Saleh

    Co-founder, Engineering

    Sean comes from Microsoft's Azure cloud team, where he managed a fleet of thousands of servers worldwide. He loves working deep in the organs of distributed systems. Start talking to him about security, automating all the things, or keeping massive backend systems online, and he won't stop. In his spare time, you can find Sean outside, climbing up a wall.

  • Taylor Hellam

    Co-founder, Engineering

    Taylor worked as a software engineer on an R&D team at Disney. While there, he was awarded nine patents for the development of innovative new products. Most recently, he built the backend for Disney's voice platform on Google Assistant. Check it out by telling your Google device "play Mickey Mouse Adventure." It isn't easy to find him without a cup of coffee in hand, but he'll put it down if you ask him to play some video games.

  • Andre Duvoisin


    Andre's passion for making games started back in middle school, when coding up a game with friends solidified his future forever. The born and bred Texan ventured off to the University of Southern California before snagging a gig at Blizzard Entertainment — where he worked on mobile apps,, and the World of Warcraft website, serving millions of players worldwide. Odds are, if he's not out stand-up paddleboarding, you'll find him bouldering, skiing, or munchin' on some good ole Texas barbecue.

  • Kevin Viglucci


    Kevin comes from Blizzard Entertainment where he supported World of Warcraft for six years as part of He brings with him a deep passion for building platform services, creating online multiplayer games, and fostering communities through developer advocacy.

  • Eric Kilkenny

    Quality Assurance

    Eric comes from working Quality Assurance on games such as Destiny 2 and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered. His background is in Game Art and Quality Assurance, allowing him to have a wide array of skills when working on a project. Eric takes a lot of pride in making sure that when you play a game that he has helped create, you are going to have a smooth and fun experience. Very excitable, so be wary when talking about a cool game idea or one of his favorite subjects, such as Star Wars, Baseball, or D&D. He will have a lot to say.

  • David Lesnefsky


    David started his career at Blizzard Entertainment where he worked on the World of Warcraft website and was a founding member of Engineering Foundations. His interests in software development include designing scalable backend web services, managing cloud resources, and being an advocate of Agile best practices. His favorite hobbies are volleyball, skiing, woodworking, and soccer.

  • Sterling Rios


    Sterling started out at Gamebreaking Studios as an intern fresh off of graduating from USC. Since then, he has joined the team as an associate engineer, and has a deep interest in gameplay programming, technical game design, and prototyping. He's always down for a game of Street Fighter, or a solid day of hiking.

  • Charlie Silver


    Charlie started his career at Microsoft Studios where he worked on augmented reality. Most recently, he worked at UCLA for two years on full-stack mobile and web applications. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys playing music, doing gymnastics, and playing softball.