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Our Mission

We believe that communities are the most powerful way for people to grow.

And games are the strongest community-building force on earth.

Your games, our games, their games…

As long as they create more secret handshakes, more “Are you ready for tonight’s…”, and more people chatting over lunch, then we want to help make them.

The Team

Dru Erridge

Dru comes from Riot Games, where he was Tech Lead of the Player Behavior team working on the distributed systems behind matchmaking, game flow, and disruptive behavior detection for 100 million users in League of Legends. Before that, he directed the 50-person development team behind a hybrid RTS-MOBA built in Unreal called The Maestros. To derail his conversations, bring up classic RTS games, TDD, or the Rust programming language.

Sean Saleh

Sean comes from Microsoft's Azure cloud team, where he managed a fleet of thousands of servers worldwide. He loves working deep in the organs of distributed systems. Start talking to him about security, automating all the things, or keeping massive backend systems online, and he won't stop. In his spare time, you can find Sean outside, climbing up a wall.

Taylor Hellam

Taylor worked as a software engineer on an R&D team at Disney. While there, he was awarded nine patents for the development of innovative new products. Most recently, he built the backend for Disney's voice platform on Google Assistant. Check it out by telling your Google device "play Mickey Mouse Adventure." It isn't easy to find him without a cup of coffee in hand, but he'll put it down if you ask him to play some video games.

Andre Duvoisin

Andre's passion for making games started back in middle school, when coding up a game with friends solidified his future forever. The born and bred Texan ventured off to the University of Southern California before snagging a gig at Blizzard Entertainment — where he worked on mobile apps,, and the World of Warcraft website, serving millions of players worldwide. Odds are, if he's not out stand-up paddleboarding, you'll find him bouldering, skiing, or munchin' on some good ole Texas barbecue.