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Gamebreaking Studios is an LA-based consulting and contracting company with a deep specialization in backend service engineering for games & interactive media. The team has worked on some of the largest brands in the world at Disney, Microsoft, Riot, and Blizzard where they served millions of players globally.

Co-development & Professional Services

Our Engineers, QA, Artists, and Designers can seamlessly embedded onto your existing projects and teams to deliver high quality player engaging experiences.

Embed our Team(s)

We've found that embedding our multi-discipline teams is a consistent recipe for success. Our team(s) can integrate with your organization to own and deliver on full features & initiatives, or just lend a helping hand where it's needed.

Augment an Existing Team

Don't have the appetite for an entire team? Our experienced developers can provide pin pointed expertise and bandwidth where your game or project needs it most.
Unity Lobby Manager Code Example

Online Game Systems

Integrating with and developing online systems is our specialty.

Meta Game Systems

Matchmaking, party & social systems, dedicated server management, and other platform services.

Authentication and Presence

User account systems and API integrations (Steam, Twitch, Google, etc.).

Build & Release

Build systems, continuous integration pipelines, and custom build & deploy automation with our Bespoke CI solution.

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